Meet the crew

  • Nate

    Nathan Sampimon


    Nathan founded Moonshot Labs to incubate technology startups. A keen Rubyist, he uses his experience and depth of knowledge to help the team deliver graceful solutions to real world problems. Nathan enjoys playing guitar, distance running and playing with his surfboard.

  • Mb

    Mark Brown

    Front-end Developer

    To say Mark is passionate about front-end development is an understatement. Polishing interfaces, crafting mobile sites or crystalising marketing sites, Mark is a talented front-end developer. Mark enjoys downhill mountain-biking, coffee and graphic design.

  • Pat

    Pat Allan

    Ruby Developer

    As well as a heavy contributor to open-source, Pat's also a search specialist and Ruby developer. He's often travelling to international conferences where he will speak on various coding disciplines. Pat enjoys pancakes, talking politics and running unconferences.

  • Dan

    Daniel Wearne


    It’s all about the details for Daniel. Well trained in pixel placement, his passion for simple interactions, focused interfaces and quality user experiences make him accountable for the team’s design decisions. Daniel enjoys ultimate frisby, French bulldogs and Rubiks cubing.

  • Katrina

    Katrina Hedditch

    Quality Assurance Tester

    Equipped with a law degree, Katrina brings an analytical mind to the team. Stress testing interfaces is her speciality, making sure everything that comes through the development process is quality tested. Katrina enjoys practising Karate, extending her film collection and strategising social media campaigns.

  • Pj

    PJ Murray

    Front-end Developer

    A self taught coder, PJ's speciality is javascript. He's firm on a test-driven approach and takes great pride in making web apps act and feel powerful & intuitive. Peter enjoys long distance running, slacklining and spending time on his new startup, Tweaky.

  • Ivan

    Ivan Vanderbyl

    Ruby Developer

    When it comes to sharp, interactive web interfaces, Ivan is definitely someone you want on your team. He’s constantly pushing boundaries on what’s possible in the browser and has the skills to cross the designer/developer divide. Ivan enjoys skiing, problem solving, and Melbourne coffee-shops.

  • Florian

    Florian Vallen

    Ruby Developer

    Florian has worked on a number of startups throughout Europe and has a great understanding of the startup development process. Test-driven development is where his skills lie. Florian enjoys travelling, electronic music and mountain hiking.

  • You


    • Javascript skills
    • Ruby ninja
    • Motivated
    • Can solve a rubix cube

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