We operate a little differently

Here at Moonshot Labs, we've got developing products for startups boiled down to a science.

The first step begins with the destination in mind. We work through a process to paint a clear, realistic picture of exactly who it is the product is for. A product for everyone is a product for no one, so nailing exactly who the target audience is for each feature of the product is critical in the design & development process.

With the greater product vision in mind, we set a path. Each step along that path forms a milestone that ties in with the broader strategy. This way product releases can be planned for marketing campaigns, press releases and more.

With your help we'll break down a product into small pieces that we deliver in priority order. This ensures the most critical parts of the product are delivered earliest and have the most polish applied across the lifespan of the development process.

The most important people in the app development process are the users, so we get them involved early. Working closely with customers throughout the iteration means we can act on feedback right away. Recording the way users interact with the app helps guide development and assists us in making decisions for new features.

We release these features in 2 week cycles called iterations. This means every 2 weeks you see a new version of the product and as a team we can make decisions on what to build next.

Underpinning all of our processes is a team of experienced, highly skilled individuals who are passionate about startups. We've got a track record in delivering beautiful user experiences that customers love.

This means you can leave developing an awesome product to us while you focus on marketing, strategy and support.

We work in iterations.

This is how they work.

  1. Aim

    1. Plan

      Pick a direction

      • Strategic feature prioritisation.
      • Establishing which people to target.
    2. Design

      Map it out

      • Wireframes & Mockups.
      • Feature specifications.
      • Integration and rollout planning.
  2. Fire

    1. Build

      Hand craft feature

      • Develop features.
      • Integrate new product feature set.
      • Optimise & Refactor.
    2. Test

      Inject quality

      • Check for quality.
      • Feedback from test customers.
      • Outline how we have made the product better.
    3. Launch


      • Deploy code to production.
      • Put it in front of customers.
  3. Adjust

    1. Reflect


      • What did we learn?
      • Are we headed in the right direction?
      • Did we provide value?

We repeat this cycle every two weeks.