A brief history

We bring a depth of technical expertise, a passion for beautiful user experiences and an established knowledge of startups to build amazing products people love.

Moonshot Labs was formed to make the web a better place. Over the years we've experimented with many technologies, methodologies, frameworks and hardware vendors - and we've chosen what we believe is the right mix to build fast, powerful products that scale.

Always willing to push boundaries, when we discovered Agile development it was a natural fit. The focus on developing for the customer, the shorter, more frequent delivery cycles and the emphasis on shipping meant winding Agile into our workflow just fit.

Immersing ourselves in the heart of the tech startup scene in Melbourne, we were able to get a first-hand view of the challenges and obstacles in crafting products that people enjoyed using, investors could see the potential for and business owners could experience revenue growth from. We quickly learnt the value of finely tuned metrics, and tied measuring outcomes into our workflow and strategy sessions.

It soon became obvious that Ruby was our weapon of choice, both because of it's philosophy and the community of people it gathered. We embraced the open-source movement that powered through web development and focused on delivering.